Designed by Delve Withrington, Helfa is a new, ori­ginal type design but will at once seem like an old friend. With a range of five useful weights and five corresponding true ital­ics all in OpenType format, Helfa is a type­face that has what is needed to do the job right.

Readability is baked in with a generous x-height, fine pro­por­tions that have a medium height to width ratio, and reason­able contrast in stroke weight variation. The let­ter shapes are individually drawn to be dis­tinctive, not simply mir­rored or rotated. The sturdy, bracketed serifs hold up con­fident­ly be­low twelve points. Helfa can be re­lied upon for set­ting lengthy texts at smaller sizes but is still readily ap­plic­able to a number of other tasks.

There is enough subtle detail in Helfa to hold in­terest at larg­er point sizes too. The stems are not straight lines but concave—they curve in­ward very slightly towards the middle. The serifs are subtley cupped and taper to a finish

Weight/Style: Regular | Italic   •   Size: 1  2  3  4
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at shal­low ang­les. The curved strokes have stress stra­tegic­ally lo­cated along the cir­cum­ference and the wedge brush shaped terminal is a re­cur­ring feature through­out the type­face, es­pecial­ly in the italics.

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Helfa’s natural versatility means it can be used for every­thing from printed matter such as books, and maga­zines, to digi­tal media like apps, web­sites, and DVDs. Dis­cover just how much of a pleasure Helfa is to use, and how in­dispens­ible it is for many projects.

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Designer: Delve Withrington

Created: 2007–2011

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