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Fleisch Family | Starting at $59

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Fleisch Wurst | Starting at $29
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Joachim Müller-Lancé

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This blackletter pair has the same weight, similar proportions and is inspired by lettering that the designer, Joachim Müller-Lancé recalls from child­hood. For example, the 1950’s “Fleischer­fach­geschäft” logo of the German Butchers Guild. Fleisch also harks back to German 1920’s typefaces, droll picture books, newspaper advertising, cigar box labels and such. A bit of a remix, Fleisch is not based on any particular era, region or style of black­letter.

Focusing on the modularity of brokenscript as his basic idea for Fleisch, Joachim found his own approach: Letters aren’t just made up from lines of varying thickness. The ways in which the inside ‘negative spaces’ interact with their outside containers, and the spaces between letters, feel more important. Brokenscript appears mainly built from hexagonal shapes caused by the nib of the quill. To challenge this rule, Fleisch introduces a rectangular hole into that base hexagon, most visible in the “o”. It works not unlike other typefaces by Joachim, such as Cortina or Shuriken Boy: Inside shapes punch holes through outside shapes, to create interplay between black and white. In this case, the rectangular counterspaces viewed together in a line of type could be seen like a white band woven through the vertical stems, giving the line a horizontal hold from the inside.

The capital letters of many blackletter variants are too ornate to be set in all-caps — now that’s an obvious, classic taboo but still annoying all the same. Therefore, Fleisch’s uppercase is simplified and ‘romanized’ to maintain legibility in those tartare settings. In addition to the lining and oldstyle figures, Fleisch offers native black­letter shapes for the alternates of a, k, x, z, and Z, while the basic alphabet has more romanized shapes.

Each style also sports its own full set of decorative uppercase letters, lining figures, currencies and punctuation — great for large initials, drop caps, or entire headlines — and embellish them with a handful of regalia (symbols).

Reach for Fleisch as a fresh alternative to the more traditional blackletter styles to breathe new life into your logos and layouts. Use it for greeting cards, food packaging, beer labels, and more.

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