Created by Delve Withrington in 1996, Continuo is an all-uppercase typeface wherein each letterform is described by a single, continuous line. The name however, is derived from the musical term, “Basso Continuo,” meaning an al­most constant bass line—an integral part of most mu­sic­al melodies. The Continuo typeface includes two fonts, Con­tinuo Regular and Continuo Oblique. As a display type, Continuo is ideal for headlines, and most over­size ap­pli­cations i.e.- mastheads, posters, and flyers.

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Continuo Family

Includes 2 fonts: Regular, Oblique

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Format: OpenType (.otf) OpenType Info

Features: Basic Latin Euro Fractions
Package: 2 fonts; Regular & Oblique

Designer: Delve Withrington

Created: 1996

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Continuo Oblique