Dave Bailey

Dave Bailey
Dave Bailey
Dave Bailey has been immersed in hand-crafted trades since child­hood. Growing up, Dave spent a considerable amount of time working along side his father, a master carpenter, metal-worker and engineer. Creativity runs in the paternal side of his family, inspiring adol­esc­ent dreams of becoming a chef or an architect. Exposure to Adobe’s Creat­ive Suite in high school led to starting his own independent study for Computer Graphics.

It wasn’t until his sophomore Typography course with John Langdon at Drexel University’s Graphic Design program, that Dave found where his true passion for design lives. Dave worked closely with Langdon for the next eight years, in a mentorship and as a part-time employee. Most of the typographic work would fall under Langdon’s ambigram umbrella, where Dave was able to learn how the brain recognizes letters and how far those letterforms can be pushed without losing legibility.

After spending time in various industries within the design realm, from music packaging and promotion to pharmaceutical branding and advertising, it was evident that a career re-focus was in order. The last 4 years of his career, Dave has been working solo as a freelance lettering and logo designer, harnessing his own dedi­cation to his craft and passion for the visual world. It has also enabled him to travel around the globe, being inspired by immersion in various cultures and their design language.

Dave Lives in Alameda, CA (not far from Delve Fonts), where every day is perfect biking weather.

Typefaces by Dave Bailey: Discourse, BLKTLTR, Muskeg

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